A Plain Leaving

Leslie Gould

Received from the publisher

A PLAIN LEAVING is the first book in the Sisters of Lancaster County. It is not your usual Amish story and it held my interest from the very first page until the last. A PLAIN LEAVING is all about the Bachman family and the story spans centuries. The family farm has been in Lancaster County for hundreds of years and the history of it will take your breath away.

Jessica left her Amish roots three years ago, is completely shunned by her family and is returning home because her father has just passed away. She knows her family will not be happy to see her but she owes it to her Dat to go. While she is there, she hopes to convince her older brother not to go ahead with the fracking company that he wants to sell the family farm to. She stays at her Aunt Suz’s house and while there, Suz tells her the story of Ruby Bachman.

Ruby’s story takes place during the Revolutionary War and it shows that even though Ruby and Jessica lived over one hundred years apart, they face some of the same challenges. All of the characters have flaws and I really like how Leslie Gould shows the reader that The Amish, while living plain lives, still have problems and drama. A PLAIN LEAVING is filled with twists and turns and had me totally invested in all of the characters and their troubles.

A PLAIN LEAVING is filled with love, family, forgiveness, history, hope, and faith. Ruby and Jessica both have some by choices and hard decisions to make and they will break the reader’s hearts. Even though Jessica now has an Englisch boyfriend, she still feels a strong pull towards Silas, the Amish man she left behind. Will Jessica stay in her childhood home or will she go back to her Englisch life? You have to give A PLAIN LEAVING a try to find out! My emotions were all over the place while reading about the tough choices Jessica and Ruby had to make and I found myself cheering both of them on, hoping they would find their happy places. Leslie Gould truly knows how to pull her readers in and never lets them go! I can not wait to continue with this series.



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