The Scent of Rain

Anne Montgomery

Received from author

Wow, where do I start? THE SCENT OF RAIN broke my heart and had me holding my breath. I was afraid of what was coming on the next page. When I lived in Arizona, I learned quite a bit about the FLDS and the area THE SCENT OF RAIN takes place, Colorado City. This is where Rose lives and is of the age to be married off. Rose doesn’t want to be married to someone with other wives and who is her father’s age. She wants to become a science teacher. Well, that is unheard of in her fundamentalist Mormon community and Rose struggles with it every day.

Adan Reyes is a seventeen year old runaway from Phoenix, who passes out on the side of a highway from heat stroke. There is where Trak, a local construction worker finds him. He brings him home and nurses him back to health. Trak knows there is more to the story then what Adan is telling him, but he doesn’t push. He knows Adan will talk when he is ready. One day while on the way to a construction job, Adan sees Rose running through town. Soon enough, the two meet and wind up running away together. THE SCENT OF RAIN had me cheering for these two teenagers, hoping and praying they would find a happier place to start over. At one point, Rose was going to be married to a man older than her father that already had 72 wives. Can you imagine? Who wouldn’t run away from that?

I understand that while reading THE SCENT OF RAIN the reader, like me, will become angry at what poor Rose and the thousands of other girls are going through in this religion. Abuse, the lost boys, animal cruelty, all done under the rules of their religion. People need to read about it, get angry about it and talk about it. While THE SCENT OF RAIN is a fictional story, the FLDS does exist and this abuse and cult living does too. The mental abuse and underage sex all under the ruse of religion is disgusting and shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. Anne Montgomery sure did her homework while writing this heart breaking story. It could have been taken right out of today’s newspapers. Now that I’ve finished, I’m going Anne Montgomery is writing a sequel because I want to read more of Rose and Adan.




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