If There’s No Tomorrow

Jennifer L. Armentrout

IF THERE’S NO TOMORROW is the first book I have ever read by Jennifer L. Armentrout but it most definitely won’t be the last. I finished this beautiful and heart breaking story with a smile on my face, a huge lump in my throat, and tears streaming down my face. Lena Wise has a great group of friends that she loves and especially her very best friend, Sebastian. He and Lena have been best friends since they were kids and lately Lena wonders if they could become more. She definitely has a crush on Sebastian and wonders if he feels the same way about her. To say that Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to put her readers on an emotional roller coaster ride is such a huge understatement. She wrecked me!

One night their friend, Keith is throwing a party. His parents are home and there is drinking going on. Sebastian and Lena have an argument and Lena leaves with her good friend, Megan and a few of the guys. All at once, everyone’s lives will never be the same. Everything she thought was important to her is no longer even a thought. After the tragedy, Lena has no idea how to move on. She shuts out all of her friends and even pushes Sebastian away. IF THERE’S NO TOMORROW is filled with sadness, heartache, guilt, grief, but also humor, romance, and some really sweet and tender moments. Be prepared to keep the tissues close by. All I wanted to do was reach into the pages and give Lena a big old hug and tell her she was going to be okay.

The saddest thing about IF THERE’S NO TOMORROW is that it is happening more and more every day in real life. This emotional story could have been taken from today’s newspapers and it can all be avoided. A few times I wanted to smack Lena’s friends and tell them to give her a break. She was dealing with so much and they kept putting so much pressure on her. Jennifer L. Armentrout made me feel as if Lena and I were lifelong friends and she made my heart just break over and over again for Lena. The fallout Lena experiences just crushed me time and time again. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes they are horrific and sometimes people just get lucky, but it’s still a mistake. Do yourself a favor right now. Grab this emotional and heart tugging story, get under your favorite blanket, and be prepared to have your heart in your throat and forgetting to breathe. I can not wait to read more by Jennifer L. Armentrout!

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  1. I recently read The Problem with Forever by the same author. Though it wasn’t the most original thing I’ve ever read, I really liked the characters and the themes in the book. I’m happy to see you liked this one. I’ll be picking this one up soon!

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