Bleeding Hearts

Susan Wittig Albert

BLEEDING HEARTS is book #14 in the China Bayles series.

Even though BLEEDING HEARTS is the fourteenth book in the China Bayles series, it can be read as a stand alone. I hadn’t read any of the previous books and wasn’t lost or confused at all. China is asked to investigate allegations against a beloved and larger than life football coach at the high school. Chine used to be a lawyer and agrees to help out. The allegations are disturbing and China just can’t walk away. All I will say is that they involve high school girls. The twists and turns really kept me flipping the pages and I’m very grateful to my new friend, BettyLouise for recommending this book to me. Now that I’ve read BLEEDING HEARTS, I must go back and read the rest of the series. It’s just that good.

I really enjoyed BLEEDING HEARTS as it wasn’t a typical cozy mystery. The way Susan Wittig Albert writes with so much detail had me feeling as if I were right there in Pecan Springs Texas with the townspeople trying to solve the mystery. BLEEDING HEARTS could be taken right out of one of today’s papers. The way the whole town loves the coach and doesn’t believe one bad thing about him, happens all the time especially when he is a winning coach. People take their high school football very seriously right? While all of this is going on, China is also dealing wth her own family mystery. She has come across some letters her father wrote to his lover and they change the way she feels about her father.

There are many surprises in BLEEDING HEARTS and just when you think it’s all figured out, Susan Wittig Albert throws you in another direction. She pulls her readers right in and never lets them go. I love how she addresses the fact that when these things happen, most times the child is not believed and everyone tries to sweep the allegations under the rug. But not China. She keeps picking at the problem and just can’t let it go. As a bonus, since China is a herbalist, there are little paragraphs of herb lore at the start of every chapter. Very interesting to me. Susan Wittig Albert also includes recipes at the end of BLEEDING HEARTS. What more can a reader ask for? I can’t wait to continue this series and I’m really looking forward to reading more of Susan Wittig Albert.







  1. Thank you! Thank you! I am currently in rehab recovering a broken hip and leg. It Football’s season in town. Everything things shuts down. I was not able to highlight again. The remainder of China’s Father is the next books. Earlier books she cover her Mother’s story and Ruby unknown daughter. Her relationship with her husband and Smart Cookie. The pickle factory. I love them all. She is a must author. Her latest has two separate stories are joined together. I feel everyone should read this book but I know they won’t.

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