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AMISH HOMECOMING has twists and turns unlike many of the other Amish stories I have read. Ten years ago, Leah Beiler jumped the fence with her brother Johnny. She never let go of her Amish faith, but lived among the Englisch in Philadelphia. Her brother had a fight with their Dad, and they left under the cover of night. Leah didn’t want to leave. She only left to try and convince her brother to return to their Amish community. Now, ten years later, she returns to her family home with her niece, Mandy. Her brother was in a very bad accident, and eventually died from his injuries.


Ezra Stoltzfus has always wondered what happened to Leah. They were good friends before she left, and he can’t help but wonder if the reason she ran away is because of the kiss they shared the night before she left. AMISH HOMECOMING finds Ezra not believing his eyes when he sees Leah getting out of a buggy in front of his brother’s store. Why after ten years is she back? Is she visiting or is she planning on staying? Has Ezra’s feelings for Leah changed? He is afraid to let her know exactly how he feels because he is afraid she is going to run back to Philadelphia. He doesn’t think his heart can stand to be broken again.


I cheered for Leah from the very beginning of AMISH HOMECOMING. I prayed she would be able to convince her friends and especially her Dad she was home to stay. I’ve never read Jo Ann Brown before, but I sure am glad I took a chance on a new author and really enjoyed her story. I’m truly looking forward to reading the rest of the Amish Hearts series.


I did not want AMISH HOMECOMING to end until I knew Leah was going to be okay. The conversations between Ezra and Leah were so heartbreaking at times. This story is filled with humor, lost love, forgiveness, and second chances. Jo Ann Brown is going to pull you right in from the very beginning and have you emotionally invested in all Ezra and Leah are going through. I had a hard time putting this book down because I had to know what was going to happen. AMISH HOMECOMING is a fantastic start to a promising series.



Ten years ago, Amish quiltmaker Leah Beiler and her twin brother left their community and family without a word. Now she’s finally come home—with her orphaned young niece. Leah has much to explain to so many, including Ezra Stoltzfus. Before she left, she dreamed of marrying the handsome dairy farmer. But now that she’s lived among the English and is raising a child who knows nothing of Amish ways, Ezra worries she’ll leave again. Leah will have to prove to Ezra that her future is in Paradise Springs—and with him—forever.


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