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Bestselling author Jerry S. Eicher (more than 600,000 books sold) brings new characters and surprising challenges to lovers of Amish fiction in the Land of Promise series.

In this first book, Miriam Yoder has a secret. Her compassionate care for Amos Bland during his last days resulted in her receiving a large inheritance. When Ivan Mast indicates his intentions at romance, Miriam suspects he’s discovered her hidden wealth and has plans that aren’t inspired by his love for her.

Seeking a fresh start where no one knows her, Miriam accepts a teaching position in faraway Oklahoma where she meets Wayne Yutzy, a local greenhouse employee. His interest in her seems genuine and when he proposes, Miriam accepts. Happiness surely awaits the newly engaged couple….or does it?
Book one in the Land of Promise series






Miriam’s Secret by Jerry Eicher is book one in the Land of Promise series.


Miriam inherits a HUGE fortune along with the family farm from Mr. Bland, the elderly gentleman she had been caring for in his home. Mr Bland has always made Miriam feel special not just the hired help. When Mr. Bland dies unexpectedly it is a blow to Miriam, not just because of the loss of a job, but because of a loss of a close friendship. She has come to think of Mr. Bland as a second father to her. His sister Rose is grateful for all she has done for her brother. She tells Miriam that he cared deeply for her and the service she provided was far above what they had hoped for. She tells others about the farm but keeps a secret of the even greater fortune she has inherited.


Well to say that this changes Miriam’s life and future is an understatement. What is an Amish woman to do with such a gift? Who does she tell? Will the money corrupt her? Will men seek her hand in marriage because of the fortune? What was God thinking? Her family has always prayed that they would have enough money to survive. There are ten children in their family and all of this money sure would help. How can she tell anyone what Mr. Bland has left her? MIRIAM’S SECRET is a big one!


When Miriam decides to leave town and go to Oklahoma and visit with her Aunt and Uncle to be the helper when her aunt has their first baby, she takes her sister, Shirley along with her. Shirley has been dating an Englisch boy and promises her parents to give him up but doesn’t. Miriam thinks going far away for a while may help both of them. She knows that Jonas will never come back to the Amish faith and Miriam is worried that Shirley will leave it for him and all of his wealth.


I have never read a novel by Jerry Eicher before but I am sure glad I took a chance on MIRIAM’S SECRET. I read this book in two days, probably would have been one day but I had a headache one night, and I can’t wait for the next installment. There were no dull moments in this book, and it was an enjoyable story. I did become frustrated at times with the characters lack of communication, however they finally overcome that, much to my delight and relief. The plot moves quickly with the reader learning more and more about the characters and with little surprises here and there. It is well plotted and I loved MIRIAM’S SECRET from page one. Sweet, romantic at times and with an interesting look into the Amish community.


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