Our new home sits on Irondequoit Bay in Rochester NY and I just have to share with you what I get to look at.  I will take more pictures when it freezes up and they are ice fishing on it……just think of the movie Grumpy Old Men hahaha. I will take better pictures over the weekend but how beautiful is this??







Have a great night and thanks for reading!!



31 thoughts on “OUR NEW HOME!!

    1. Lol – that ^ is what happens when I try to leave a comment on my phone 😂

      Anyway, I’m super glad you made it to New York! Your house is beautiful (I love lakeside houses!) and I hope you are doing great and settling in fine in NY!

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  1. Wow! I love your house! We own a house about .5 miles from a lake, and I am hoping we can someday buy a house on that lake! We spend so much time on the water. Have a blast!

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  2. My goodness! Looks like you are going to be living in a bit of heaven! View is gorgeous and I am so envious!! Good luck in the new home and God Bless it and you all!

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  3. Thank you all so much! It needs a bit of TLC but nothing we can handle….all on the outside like a good power wash, but we are so thrilled!! My kids are already dreaming about snow mobilizing on the ice that our neighbor says gets to be four feet deep when it freezes!! I can’t wait!!

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