Here is what I was approved for this week.



How about you? Were you approved for any books this week from Netgalley?



Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!!





      1. WordPress was acting up and I almost have up. I am surprised on how many clicks, I have got on it. I don’t read many standalones anymore. I have been trying to think of one I have read to highlight.

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  1. I got approved for an anthology on the history of ghosts in the US. Got a lot of UK rejections, too. My goal is to get a bunch of already approved books off my list (and stop requesting books….so hard!!) by the end of the year. It has gotten that bad! Your list looks great, though!

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  2. Congrats Susan! I try not to request too much books as I’ve a mile long lists of ARCs soming this month. I can’t wait to read your reviews! Have a wonderful Sunday 😉

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      1. I keep telling myself that I will when my blog is a bit older. Feels like I’d get rejected often. I absolutely love reviewing books for indie authors. So I’ve been sticking to sites like Reading Deals. Netgalley feels like one of those end goal things for me. I’m the kind of person who loves quests, and gaming. I’ll just consider myself too low of a level to quest there yet, haha.

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