Class Mom

Laurie Gelman

CLASS MOM is going to have you giggling out loud and if you are like me, you will be snorting quite a few times as well. School politics was not this funny to me while I was dealing with it, but CLASS MOM really put a hysterical spin on how crazy some parents are and how much of a problem they can be when class mothers need them to volunteer.

Jen Dixon has two college aged daughters and now a kindergartener named Max. Jen is asked by her friend to be the class mother for Max’s class and she reluctantly says yes. Some parents have a hard time with her jokes, which really makes her snarky sense of humor all that more funny. Jen is an older mom compared to the others and I could totally relate to that. I get so sick of telling people that my eleven year old is my daughter not my granddaughter! Anyway, Jen tries her hardest to win over the younger moms when all I really wanted to do was smack some of them.

If you are looking for a fun read then you have to pick up CLASS MOM by Laurie Gelman. The things that some parents say will have you snickering through out the book. I still can’t believe this is a debut novel. It is really well written and you instantly become involved in all of the characters lives. I love when that happens. Jen being the older mom, thinks she knows exactly how the younger moms are going to react to her emails and most of the times she is spot on. She actually tries to encourage the parents to respond to her emails right away by offering them rewards and I couldn’t help but cringe while laughing, reading them. The mom who always responds first is funny too but all she ever says is that she is out of the office. Every single time! I hope Laurie Gelman continues to write and keeps me laughing just like she did with CLASS MOM.





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