Love’s Song

Penny Harmon

Received from the Author

LOVE’S SONG by Penny Harmon is one of the stories in the First Street Church Romances series. Welcome to the tiny town of Sweet Grove, TX, where neighbors still care deeply about each other and the little white chapel on First Street is the heart and soul of all who live here.  It’s a simple life, a good life, yet many here are suffering invisible pains. From alcoholism to divorce, hoarding, and even suicide, the struggles are real but so is the God who loves this town and all its residents. Through the darkest of times and the deepest of tragedies, each day provides a new chance to find faith, hope, and even love.

Whose life will you change for the better? Will you bring new purpose to a troubled youth, redemption to a scorned elder, or perhaps salvation to the newest resident in town? Their fates and futures now rest in your capable hands. Welcome to Sweet Grove, TX. We’re so glad you came for a visit! Doesn’t this series sound amazing and interesting?

LOVE’S SONG introduces you to Kassidy Wyman and Caleb Johnson. Kassidy is a divorced mom of two beautiful girls and she’s having a hard time making ends meet. She decides to hold a garage sale to raise money for a new computer as she earns her living on hers. Well, who should show up at her garage sale but Caleb Johnson. They were a couple back in high school and when he turned eighteen, he left for Nashville promising to come back for her. He never called or came back until now. Ten years later. He broke her heart and her ex beat her up mentally too and the last thing Kassidy wants is a man in her life. Hang on tight my friends, it’s going to be a wild and bumpy ride.

LOVE’S SONG is a sweet story of lost and found love. Your heart will break all over for Kassidy and what she has had to endure. You will give your heart to her two little girls, hoping and praying they all find their happily ever after. I was instantly pulled in to their story and hoped Kassidy and Caleb could get their lives together and let go of the past. Caleb walked away from a chart topping singing career and wants to live back in Sweet Grove where no one really cares if he is famous or not. He just wants to run his ranch and raise horses. Can he win back Kassidy’s heart and make up for what he put her through in the past?

I love this author and her beautiful stories and if you have followed my blog for any length of time you know how much Penny Harmon means to me as a reader. I devour her books like a find box of chocolate and run to them every time I learn she has a new one out. LOVE’S SONG is exactly why and once you read it, you will understand. Penny always writes the stories that my heart needs and wants and I can never get enough of.



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