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Lost and Found Sisters

Jill Shalvis

Received from Edelweiss

LOST AND FOUND SISTERS is the first book in the Wildstone series. I am kicking myself after finishing this wonderful story because there are so many more Jill Shalvis stories that I have yet to read. I need to fix that very very soon.

Once I started reading LOST AND FOUND SISTERS I had a very hard time putting it down. Quinn Weller lost her sister in a tragic car accident. She has been going through the motions of life but not really dealing with any of it. She thinks she is starting to get her life back when she is dealt another blow. She finds out a very big secret about who she is She is almost thirty years old and never even had a clue. She learns she has a sister out in Wildstone and her sister needs her. Her mother has just passed away and poor Tilly has no one.

Quinn drives straight to Wildstone to see what the heck is going on. Once she is almost there, she pulls over because she is having a panic attack and runs right into Mick Hennessy. He tries to calm her down and after a bit, she is on her way to the lawyers office to see just what she has inherited and to find out what other secrets this small town holds for her. I fell in love with Mick pretty much as soon as I met him as I’m sure all the other readers will as well. He is so good to Quinn and doesn’t push her too much. Well, only when necessary haha. Once learning of all of the secrets and things Quinn is going through I quickly wanted to be her friend and help her see her way through all of it. When she meets Lena who also happens to be Mick’s ex,  I hated her at first but she quickly stole my heart too.

Quinn is starting to really come to love this little town and all of the people in it but she still considers herself broken which is why she can’t open up her heart to Mick. Mick has plenty of ghosts from his past that are chasing him and at first he tries to resist Quinn but he opened his heart up just a little bit and now she is in it no matter how hard they both try to fight the feelings building between them. My favorite quote from LOST AND FOUND SISTERS has got to be ” if it has tires or testicles it’s gonna give you trouble”. How perfect is that? I can not wait to continue with this wonderful series and I’m really looking forward to who the next book will be about.









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