Lucky in Love

Katie West

Received from Edelweiss

LUCKY IN LOVE by Kasie West is exactly why I love this wonderful author’s stories. She always leaves me feeling so happy with a huge smile on my face. No one else writes clean YA like Ms. West does and I love the fact that my fifteen year old daughter loves her books as much as I do! If I didn’t need to sleep and eat I would have finished LUCKY IN LOVE in one sitting because once I started reading it was very hard to stop. I love when an author can do that to me and Kasie West does it each and every time.

Maddie has spent her whole life, preparing for college and works really hard so she can get the scholarships she needs to make her dreams a reality. That is until she takes a chance on her eighteenth birthday and buys her very first lottery ticket! Well, you know what happens right? Of course, she wins! She wins fifty million dollars, takes home thirty million and her life is never going to be the same. LUCKY IN LOVE now has Maddie being one of the most popular kids in school and kids who never even knew she existed, all want to be her friend. Maddie is so naive, she doesn’t realize who is taking advantage of her and who is her true friend.

LUCKY IN LOVE will show everyone who reads it, that money doesn’t buy you happiness. It also creates lots of problems as Maddie soon finds out. She begins to question everyone’s motives including the guy who is slowly but surely winning her heart. Seth is a friend who works with Maddie at the zoo. He has been trying to get her attention for months but Maddie doesn’t see it. They go through some rough spots as far as the money goes too, but overall, this story left me with so much hope for the two of them. I loved the teasing between Seth and Maddie and Kasie West made me feel as if I were right there at the zoo cleaning out the animal pens with them. Now I’m going to quickly devour all the other Kasie West books I haven’t had the chance to read yet. So excited!!




  1. Great review! I did the same thing after reading this book. I have read 4 books by this author as of today 😊 How about you? The humor is contagious isn’t it? I smile every time humor kicks in haha

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