Lives Collide

Kristina Beck

Received from author

LIVES COLLIDE is the story of James Kramer and Lisa Schmitt. Their lives are entwined over and over again beginning when Lisa is fifteen and is involved in a car crash that kills her mother. James drives by and literally saves Lisa’s life. They meet again when James is hurt in a skiing accident but neither one recognizes the other. Over and over again, their paths cross, without them knowing it until much later on. How can you not get hooked on a story like this? Once I started reading LIVES COLLIDE I could not put it down. I was fascinated by how close Lisa and James came to each other without realizing who the other one was.

Once you start reading LIVES COLLIDE you are going to find yourself laughing and crying. I really loved the whole idea of this story and found myself so wrapped up in the characters lives. The secondary characters are just as important and funny as James and Lisa are and soon you are going to feel as if you are right there with them all, knowing them for many many years. My heart was a mess for Lisa who felt so lost and broken. She misses her mother and she is broken because of the injuries she suffered in the accident. Both her and James are fighting so many internal issues and neither of them will confide in the other. At times I wanted to slap them both and shake some sense into them, but at the same time, I totally got their fears!

LIVES COLLIDE is the first book in the Collide series and I can not wait to continue this series. I love Kristina Beck’s writing and the way she took my feelings on an emotional roller coaster ride. I loved this story so much that I will now read anything this wonderful author writes. The fact that she is a Jersey girl, just like me and Lisa are, puts her near and dear to my heart as well. Us Jersey girls have to stick together! I hope everyone will want to read LIVES COLLIDE and get instantly hooked just like I did. I can’t wait to see who Tina, Lisa’s sister, will get involved with




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