A New Leash on Love

Debbie Burns

A NEW LEASH ON LOVE by Debbie Burns is the first book in the Rescue Me series. It is filled with relatable and very likable people. It all centers around the no kill shelter that Megan Anderson works at and has been running since the director got sick. There she meets Craig Williams, who has come in with a puppy surrender. He seems well to do, nice clothes, nice car, and she is aggravated that he seems to be dumping the puppy without any guilt at all. To say that fur flies during their first meeting is an understatement.

Craig has had his share of heartache. He has only been divorced for less than a year which came after a family tragedy that no one can move past. He has been trying to make his kids happy and make their lives less stressful, and surrendering the puppy seems like the right thing to do. A NEW LEASH ON LOVE will have you holding back tears at the emotional roller coaster Debbie Burns puts her readers on. The characters have all been through so much and before long, you will find yourself cheering them on and hoping they find their happily ever after.

Megan has had her share of heartache as well. She lost her father when she was a teenager and has always resented her mother for moving on without her dad. She also broke up wth her fiancé not too long ago. Neither Megan or Craig is looking for any kid of relationship, but it seems that’s all they can think about. A NEW LEASH ON LOVE is the perfect way to spend the afternoon, on your couch with your favorite beverage. Soon, you will be falling in love with all the animals and people in this heart warming and sweet story. Will Megan and Craig ever be able to heal their broken hearts and move on from their painful pasts? Read this wonderful contemporary to find out! I can’t wait to continue this fun and sweet series!




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