Once and for All

Sarah Dessen

I was very upset when I was turned down on Netgalley for ONCE AND FOR ALL by Sarah Dessen. I have been a fan of hers for years. I have been dying to read this story since I heard it was coming out. I have always loved Sarah Dessen’s stories and this one did not disappoint! Anyway, if you are looking for an awesome beach read, give this wonderful story a try! You won’t be sorry!

Louna who is the main character, hooked me right from the very beginning of ONCE AND FOR ALL. She is a very likable girl who has been nursing a broken heart for too long. Her boyfriend Ethan, died in a tragedy that could have been taken right out of today’s headlines. She is in the wedding planner business with her mom. They have recently hired a new employee, Ambrose, who challenges Louna. They come up with a contest that Louna has to start dating like Ambrose usually does, and he has to commit to just one girl. They have to become opposites of what they usually are and you can imagine the trouble they both have doing this. Ambrose is a big time player and now Louna has to become one for the next seven weeks. The contest sounds kind of dumb but it’s really funny.

Ambrose is almost perfect. Yes, he is a dog when it comes to dating and totally afraid of commitment, but you can’t help but fall in love with him. ONCE AND FOR ALL will teach you that no matter what someone seems to be, you just might be surprised to find out what they are really like after you get to know them. Sarah Dessen tells an awesome story and you can’t help but become involved in all of her characters business. No wonder why she is one of the top authors that YA readers run to her books. I truly believe Sarah Dessen is the author who hooked me on contemporary young adult stories and she has never disappointed me! She constantly pulls at the readers heart strings and never lets them go!






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