Okay, I’m not going to say too much before it actually happens, in case it doesn’t but…..does anyone know anything about the Rochester NY area? Specifically, Pittsford NY?


I just might be finally getting out of this hotter than hell hole in the ground ARIZONA!!





25 thoughts on “CHANGE IS COMING

      1. Hmm, That’s weird. I don’t have anything in my spam queue either. That happened to be before and turned out that Akismet flagged me, haha. He is! I hope I’m as spunky as he is when I’m 80!


  1. While I haven’t lived in NY, I did move from California (not as hot as AZ is right now, but it’s been up near 110 back home – I hear about it from my parents every day!) to Erie, PA which is one of the snowiest regions in the US (we got 140 inches our first winter there, average is about 108), and we LOVED it. And we were about 20 minutes from the NY border. I’ll take below zero temps and bucketloads of snow over scorching heat. We’ve been in Maine for the past year, not as much snow, but still a fair amount (80 inches or so?), and I still say I won’t ever go back home. Too. Dang. Hot. Having four seasons is where it’s at. 😉 Good luck!

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  2. Yeah, we moved here from Wisconsin where the average snowfall was 100 inches a winter and some days I wish we never left. We’ve been here since 2012, minus one year when we were in Washington State……..the heat just keeps getting worse every year.


  3. Are you an Arizona native, Susan? I am a Pennsylvania native but when I was 13 my Mom got this brilliant idea she was tired of the snow and cold. She wanted to move to the hottest place in the US. Off we went to Yuma, AZ there was sand in my bed at night, yeah, that was fun! We lived there a year and in Chino Valley a year then back to PA.
    Best of luck in wherever your travels may take you!

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  4. I hope things work out and you end up where you want to be! I lived in AZ for 2 and half years. I was so ready to move back to the Pacific Northwest. I love sweatshirts. I need to be able to wear them more.


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