First & Then

Emma Mills

What took me so long to read FIRST & THEN? It came out two years ago and I never even heard of it until a couple of weeks ago! How did this slip under my radar? I really enjoyed it and can’t understand why it didn’t receive the publicity it deserves! Maybe it did and I’ve just been sleeping for the past two years? I have no idea but it was really good and hopefully my review will make more people read it! Plus, check out the cover! Isn’t it gorgeous?

I’ve never read Pride & Prejudice or have I seen the movie but from the other reviews I’ve read, there are many parallels. Now don’t all jump on me all at once, but I’ve never read Jane Austen…..never ever. Anyway, FIRST & THEN is the coming of age story featuring Devon. Her parents have just taken in her cousin, Foster. His Dad dies and his mother is one hot mess. At first, Devon is kind of annoyed by Foster but over time he becomes very important to her. One day in gym class, Foster kicks a ball and everyone goes crazy! He is so awesome at kicking and finds himself trying out with the coaches of the football team! Foster is only a freshman and the coaches are from the varsity team. Well, freshman don’t ever go straight to the varsity team and Devon can’t believe what is happening!

At the same time, Foster is befriended by one of the guys on the team, Ezra. Devon doesn’t know much about Ezra but really loves how he has given Foster someone to look up to. He is a new student as he just transferred to her high school. FIRST & THEN has Devon trying to figure out her future, even though she tries not to think too much about it and trying to figure out just who the heck she is and wants to be. I felt like Devon is a girl that every teenager could relate to. The secondary characters are awesome too and a few of them will even surprise you. They are not perfect and all have their flaws but you will still find yourself cheering for them. I found myself giggling out loud during quite a few chapters and if I wasn’t laughing I was totally smiling.

This is my very first time reading Emma Mills, but I really loved the way she wrote all of the different relationships and the way she explored them and introduced you to them. After reading FIRST & THEN, I’m excited to put her on my author radar. Devon’s story is filled with family, friendship, love, loss, and finding yourself. I still can’t believe that it took me so long to find Emma Mills. FIRST & THEN was truly a sweet and enjoyable read for me as I’m sure it will be for you!





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