These Three Words

Holly Jacobs

Received from Netgalley

Oh my gosh! Holly Jacobs has done it to me again! She broke my heart, stomped on it, and then gave it back to me whole. How does she do it over and over again, she just amazes me! THESE THREE WORDS is the story of Addie and Gray. They have been separated for a little more than eight months. They became friends in kindergarten and their feelings as friends grew to love through the years. Addie goes to Gray’s office to hand him the divorce papers but before she can do that, Gray collapses on the floor. Gray never knew why Addie had come to see him that day as she never got to hand him the papers.

When tragedy happened to them a year ago, Gray, it seemed to Addie, had recovered and didn’t look back. Addie was broken and needed Gray more than ever, but he always seemed just out of her reach. THESE THREE WORDS is the story of Addie sitting at Gray’s bedside, praying, wanting, and wishing, for him to recover and wake up. Before she gets up to his room, while waiting for him to get out of surgery, Addie meets strangers who remind her what she is missing. While listening to these strangers tell their stories, Addie starts to remember the good times she and Gray have had before tragedy struck. Addie does much soul searching while waiting for Gray to wake up. She knows she must have loved him once and wonders what happened to change her feelings.

What a crazy emotional roller coaster Holly Jacobs takes you on! After you are done reading THESE THREE WORDS you will be left wondering about how quickly life can change. After tragedy struck Addie and Gray, instead of growing closer, they grow apart and Addie leaves without trying to figure out what went wrong. She gave up and walked away. Can her marriage be saved? Sit down with this beautiful heart warming story and be prepared not to put it down until you finish! It’s just that good and Holly Jacobs will make you fall in love with Addie and Gray right from the very beginning of their story. Ms. Jacobs, you owe me another box of tissues! I can not wait to read more of your heart tugging books!


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  1. Oh my god Susan what a story! No wonder she ripped your heart out! I did not know of this author but I need to add her to my TBR😉

    Liked by 1 person

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