Hold Her Heart

Holly Jacobs

Received from Netgalley

I have no idea why I waited so long to read HOLD HER HEART by the awesome author Holly Jacobs. I have read her books before and know how she goes straight for the readers heart and HOLD HER HEART did exactly that. I started last night and finished this afternoon with tears streaming down my face and a huge lump in my throat, at the same time I was smiling like an idiot! I love when an author can do that to me and Holly Jacobs has done it each and every time.

HOLD HER HEART is the story of Siobhan Ahearn who always knew she was adopted, but didn’t know the reason behind it or who her biological mother was. One day a man knocks on her door and tries to explain why he is there! Her biological mother, Piper needs her. Well friends, hold on to your seats! This is going to be one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride! There are so many twists and turns that will floor you as you are reading. Piper is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant, and Siobhan is pretty much her last hope.

Piper George did something when she was fifteen and she has never forgotten it for one day. She gave her baby, that she named Amanda up for adoption. She didn’t do it for herself, since she was only fifteen and unable to take care of a baby and still have a teenage life. No, she did it so Amanda could have a better life. Her boyfriend at the time, Amanda’s father, told Piper it wasn’t his but he would pay for an abortion. Piper couldn’t do that and knew that her baby deserved to grow up in a happy home with a mother who could take care of her, love her, and give her happy life. Amanda deserved to have a father as well, all things Piper couldn’t give her. But she never stopped loving her.

I fell in love with all of the characters in HOLD HER HEART. They are all very relatable and you can’t help but feel as if you’ve known them forever. Siobhan learns how to stretch her heart and let them all in even though she felt nothing for them at first. She learns that she has a sister, Fiona who is only nine years old and steals Siobhan’s heart from their first meeting. Once you start reading, you will not be able to put this sweet story down.

I cried my eyes out while finishing HOLD HER HEART. This is only the third book I have read by Holly Jacobs but I can tell you, she is now on my favorite author radar. She shredded my heart, left me sobbing, and then put my heart back together again. I just love when an author does that to me. When I was finished reading, I sat there for a very long time wondering what I would have done in Siobhan’s situation and I hope I would have handled it the same selfless way she did.

Grab HOLD HER HEART, snag a snack and your favorite beverage and get on the couch. Be prepared to spend the day with mixed emotions while reading this beautiful story and keep the tissue box handy. I am now on a quest to read all of Holly Jacobs’ books, she goes straight for your heart. Now, thanks to Holly I will never be able to see a pair of men’s boxers with smiley faces on them without thinking of Logan.





  1. Susan, Thank you so much for your lovely review of Hold Hear Heart! After so many years of writing comedies where people wrote I made them laugh, it’s a different experience to hear I’ve made some cry and it seems mean to say, I’m so glad…but I am! LOL The Words of the Heart series is near and dear to my heart! Really, thank you!


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