Under This Same Sky

Cynthia Roemer

Received from Author for Review

UNDER THIS SAME SKY hooked me from the very first page. The story takes place in 1854 in Illinois and Becky and her Pa have just survived a tornado on their family farm. The tornado took her Ma and her sister, but for some reason spared Becky and her faith has been shaken. Becky’s father has been seriously injured and has lost his sight. The traveling preacher comes and buries Becky’s mom and sister. Matthew Brody is the preacher who goes from community to community to offer his services. He offers to take Becky’s father to St. Louis so he can learn a trade. He needs to feel useful and be able to take care of Becky and himself. Matthew knows he should be moving on to the next town but feels the Lord is guiding him. He also notices how much Becky has grown and isn’t the little girl he used to knew.

Anyway, as Matthew and Becky’s father are heading to St. Louis, they discover a stowaway! Yup, Becky has hidden in the wagon because she believes she is meant to be with her dad. Matthew doesn’t have the heart to turn around and they all proceed to St. Louis. Becky and Matthew get to know each other along the way and when Matthew leaves them there, they decide to write each other while they are apart. Matthew gets a church in Becky’s hometown and he is excited to maybe one day have her serve along side of him. UNDER THIS SAME SKY had my heart in my throat throughout most of the story and I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

UNDER THIS SAME SKY is filled with hope, love, tragedy, forgiveness, and finding your way back to God. Becky did a lot of growing up while in St. Louis and her faith is restored. Once I started reading, it was very hard for me to put this heart tugging story down. Becky struggles with her grief as well as her faith, and it was wonderful to watch her grow. The life lessons that author Cynthia Roemer weaves into her story are amazing and I am excited to read more by her.  All of the characters are believable and well written. They each have an important part in Becky’s story.




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