The Chocolate Comeback

Roxanne Snopek

Received from Netgalley

THE CHOCOLATE COMEBACK is the seventh book in the Love At The Chocolate Shop series. The series takes place in Marietta Montana and centers around the delicious chocolate shop. DeeDee Cash has returned to her hometown to help her pregnant sister, Cynthia. Her modeling career is a joke and knows she needs to find a job to support herself. DeeDee meets Isaac and his Down syndrome brother, Mark and gets Isaac to hire her to be a caretaker for Mark. Isaac is always busy at his work at home job, and Mark needs supervision. Isaac doesn’t think DeeDee is qualified and neither does DeeDee but she needs the money. Little did she know, she was making a life altering decision that day. She comes to love Mark and treats him with nothing but kindness and respect.

DeeDee knows that everyone in her small hometown is watching her. THE CHOCOLATE COMEBACK is going to have you giggling out loud at the banter between Mark and DeeDee as well as Isaac. I love coming back to Marietta MT. It’s like revisiting old friends and as soon as I start reading I’m instantly emotionally invested in all the townspeople. DeeDee goes out of her way to make Mark feel like everyone else. She gets him on a healthy diet and gets him to exercise and big brother Isaac can see the results. DeeDee is good to Mark as well good for him. DeeDee loves Mark and seeing him succeed, but she wants a man of her own like, her two sisters. She is lonely.

When DeeDee’s agent calls with a new modeling opportunity, she must decide what she really wants out of life. As much as Mark has grown as a man, DeeDee realizes she has grown too. Does she really want to go back to the grind and cut throat modeling that she thought was always her dream? Could she be happy in Marietta? When she puts together the town fashion show using the people who live there, it is a huge hit and makes her realize what she really wants. Now she just has to convince them all that she has changed. I’m so excited to continue this series. I have fallen in love with this small town and especially the chocolate shop.THE CHOCOLATE COMEBACK is a fun quick read that I read in a little more than one sitting.





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