Charmed by Chocolate

Steena Holmes

Received from Netgalley

CHARMED BY CHOCOLATE is the sixth book in the Love At The Chocolate Shop series. The series takes place in Marietta Montana and the delicious chocolate shop. Leah ran from Marietta as soon as she was old enough to make something of herself in Los Angeles. One day while working her friend asks her to fill in for one of the girls on a reality show, much like The Bachelor. Reluctantly, she agrees and her life blows up because of it. She gets drunk, sits on the sun for hours, doesn’t eat all day, and during her introduction on the show, she admits to loving her best friend in the world, Wade Burns! Holy cow, hold on because this is going to be a crazy ride!

Leah runs back to her hometown to nurse her wounds praying that no one knows what is going on and what happened in LA. Who is she kidding? I grew up in a small town and know how fast gossip spreads! CHARMED BY CHOCOLATE introduces you to Leah’s grandma who loves to play matchmaker. I loved Josie and all the situations she pushed Leah and Wade into. You see, Leah told Wade how she felt about him and he turned her down. She is beyond embarrassed when she runs into him and he doesn’t realize that she has changed! Men!! After a few days, he wonders what the heck he missed and what is going on with Leah. He doesn’t understand why she is avoiding him. Seriously?

Everyone in Marietta knows that Leah and Wade belong together except for Leah and Wade. Both of them are so stubborn and at times really aggravated me. Why didn’t they just tell the other how they were feeling? I mean, they are lifelong friends right? That part of the book really frustrated me, but other than that, I really enjoyed CHARMED BY CHOCOLATE. Leah’s brother, Dylan tries to help them see what is going on, but he has issues of his own he won’t address. Can Leah ever lose the nickname they gave her on the show, Lonely Leah, and find her happily ever after? Can she trust Wade with her heart or do they just try to go back being friends? I’m not going to tell you how that goes but it sure was fun watching the two of them figure it all out.
I’m so excited to continue this series. I have fallen in love with this small town and especially the chocolate shop. CHARMED BY CHOCOLATE is a fun quick read that I read in one sitting. I just really love this series!!




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