Amish Refuge

Debby Giusti

Received from Netgalley

AMISH REFUGE is the first book in the Amish Protectors series.

Abram Zook is an Amish widower who happens to answer the loud knocking on his door and finds a battered and soaking wet Miriam Miller, who falls into his arms. She tells him a man is after her who is going to kill her and she begs him for help. She explains that her car has been hijacked, her mother has been killed, and her sister has been kidnapped. Somehow Miriam managed to escape but the man she calls Serpent is hot on her trail and will kill her if he finds her. Abram pulls her into his house even though it is the middle of the night. AMISH REFUGE pulled me right in from the very first page and never let go!

AMISH REFUGE is filled with twists and turns and they will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Abram tells Miriam she must talk to his uncle who is the sheriff, but Miriam is very afraid as the men who pulled over her car were the police. How will she know who she can trust? Will she ever be free of the Serpent and be able to find her sister? Abram only wants to help Miriam but first she must accept his help and learn to trust him.

AMISH REFUGE is a wonderful start to what promises to be a very suspenseful series. I have never read Debby Giusti before but I’m excited to find her other books and read those as well. This story is filled with forgiveness for both Abram as well as Miriam. They both need to forgive themselves and move on from the past. Wether together or by themselves, they have to let go of the past or they will never be able to move ahead. Will Abram act on his feelings that are beginning to grow for Miriam or will Miriam run at the first chance she gets? You are going to have to read AMISH REFUGE to find out! No spoilers from me!!




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