Spring Fever is the first but definitely not the last Mary Kay Andrews book I have read. Mary Kay has a way with words and she grabs you right from the very first page and never lets you go.


We start off in Spring Fever by meeting Annajane. She is divorced from Mason Bayless and truly believes that part of her life is in the past. On this day, it just happens to be his wedding day. Who goes to their ex’s wedding? Annajane does to prove to everyone and herself that she is over him. Or so she thinks. As it happens, Mason’s daughter gets sick and the wedding has to be postponed. Now the fun begins.


The stories and memories that Annajane and Mason tell as the book goes on about their relation and marriage are very funny. At times, I was laughing out loud and that can be very embarrassing when sitting on the beach by yourself! They are both denying that they have feelings for each other anymore, but they are both big liars! Annajane is supposed to be moving to Atlanta to be with her fiance by the end of the week, but as the Spring Fever proves, a lot can happen in one week.


I loved the main characters in SPRING FEVER and the secondary characters were just as awesome. Except for Celia. She is the one that I really got fired up over every time I read about her and what she was up to.


If you are looking for an awesome beach read, SPRING FEVER will not disappoint! Spring Fever really held my interest and the setting in the South is my newest weakness. I could not put SPRING FEVER down and enjoyed every minute of it!




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