Just Breathe

Susan Wiggs

JUST BREATHE by Susan Wiggs hooked me right from the very first page and never let me go!  The characters just grabbed my heart and I was instantly emotionally invested in every single one of them. Sarah Moon seems to have the perfect life. She works from home, has a beautiful home, a wonderful husband and everything she thinks she wants. Her husband gets sick but before he goes for treatment, they freeze his sperm so they can continue to try getting pregnant. Sarah thinks that’s the only thing missing from her life. Hang on my friends, because Sarah is about to learn some hard life lessons.

Not soon after JUST BREATHE starts, Sarah walks in on her husband in the arms of another woman. She runs and never looks back and goes back to her childhood home. Sarah is devastated, depressed, and can’t believe what a mess her life has become. If that’s not bad enough, after passing out on the street, she learns she is pregnant. As she tries to get herself healthy, she realizes that she was never really happy with her husband Jack. Soon, Sarah reconnects with Will Bonner, a boy she went to high school with. Sarah has a comic strip that often mirrors her own life and Will was the guy she tortured in her comics back in high school. Now Will is the fire chief and a single dad to a step daughter, Aurora.

Will and Sarah become friends and nothing more. Or at least, that’s what they both believe at first. Sarah wonders if she will be able to make it on her own as a single mom and also fighting the desire to become more than friends with Will. Sarah has so much growing up to do and it was a real joy to watch her come into her own. At first, Sarah annoyed me with the way she quickly gave up and ran away, but I soon found myself cheering for her as I was reading. JUST BREATHE is a fabulous story with very relatable characters and a plot that has many twists and turns. I still can’t believe how long I waited to read this story and now I will happily look up Susan Wiggs other books and read every last one of them. Susan Wiggs knows just how much information to put on each page to keep the reader flipping the pages and soon you will find yourself unable to put it down.




  1. Looks like an awesome read, Susan. Great review, too. I laughed when I read you were annoyed when she gave up and ran away because I was thinking he was such a jerk lol. Looks like I’m going to have to read this one and see for myself 😉


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