The Book of Summer

Michelle Gable

Received from Netgalley

Bess Codman has just returned to her family’s home in Nantucket. She is shocked by the condition of Cliff House. It is just about to fall into the ocean and she can’t believe her mother is actually staying inside of it. She tries to convince her mother, Cissy to leave, but she is having none of it. She wants to move the house back from the water, but it is huge and Bess just doesn’t see this happening. THE BOOK OF SUMMER is all about these two women and Bess’ grandma, Ruby who was living in the house back in the 1940’s.

The dialogue between Cissy and Bess had me cracking up and crying, sometimes at the same time. Obviously, the house means everything to Cissy and she isn’t going down without a fight. Bess doesn’t want to force her mother out of the house but she feels as if she has no choice. The house is not safe to stay in and Bess feels like it is going to crash into the water before she can get her mother out! THE BOOK OF SUMMER is filled with family, hope, secrets, drama, and learning to let go. The characters are not perfect and each has their flaws which made them all relatable to me.

THE BOOK OF SUMMER by Michelle Gable is a story that is going to grab you right from the very first page and never let you go. I’ve never read this author before but I’m excited to find her older books now as I truly loved her writing. Learning about these three women and all the guests that signed the guest book was very enjoyable. Michelle Gable sure knows how to keep the reader engaged, trying to figure out all the family secrets. I think the aspect I enjoyed the most was learning about Ruby and all she had to endure during WWII. Michelle’s writing and descriptions, had me feeling as if I were right there in Nantucket with these women dealing with their life struggles.

Thanks for reading!




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