The Mercury Travel Club

Helen Bridgett

Received From The Author For Review

THE MERCURY TRAVEL CLUB by Helen Bridgett is the first time I have ever heard of this author and I’m so happy I took a chance on her book. I was giggling out loud and snorting quite a bit while reading this fun story. Angie has just gotten dumped by her husband for a younger woman, who happens to have been the caterer for their 22 year old daughter’s party! What?? Hang on to your seats! The situations that Angie and her best friend, Patty find themselves in are hysterical and soon you will feel as if you are right there with them!

I still can’t believe THE MERCURY TRAVEL CLUB is Helen Bridgett’s debut novel. I love that the main and secondary characters are all a bit older and none of them are perfect. I easily connected with them all and found them very relatable. It truly is a miracle that Angie came back unhurt from all the trips she took, with all the things that went wrong with them. But it was also funny and light hearted.

I have been reading heavier books lately and THE MERCURY TRAVEL CLUB was exactly what I needed after all the drama of the previous books. As soon as I was introduced to Angie, I loved her and wanted to be her friend and help her along in her journey to her new chapter in her life. I gave her a lot of credit considering she was married for twenty four years, eleven months, and had to start all over again. She knew she had to put herself out there, but wasn’t sure just how to do that. Once I started reading, I had a hard time putting this humorous tale down. I’m looking forward to reading more by Helen Bridgett in the future.

Have a great day and thank you for reading!!


KK~snag guide~_Susan



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