{Aside} Rating On Goodreads Before You’ve Read It.

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Fair Warning: Unpopular Opinions Incoming!

I’ve been debating writing this post for quite some time now. I’ve titled it “Unpopular Opinions” for a reason. I’m fully expecting this to spark a bit of discussion and yes, disagreements, but given that we’re all civilized people with strong opinions that are all worthy of merit, I felt more and more compelled to share my thoughts.

I wanted to talk today about the state of Goodreads; in particular a disturbing trend I’ve been witnessing of people maliciously rating books before they’ve actually read them.

For the record, I also take issue with people rating upcoming books that they’re looking forward to 5 stars before the book has even been published, but that’s really not what I want to focus on here. Yes, that equally skews the ratings of any book, but I think it’s more pressing that we talk about the…

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4 thoughts on “{Aside} Rating On Goodreads Before You’ve Read It.

  1. Totally agree! You don’t rate a book before reading it! When I rate a book before the publishing date it’s because I’ve got an ARC and actually read it! Thanks for reblogging Susan!


  2. Good post, Susan… many thanks for sharing it!

    Rating and reviewing books not read isn’t just disrespectful to authors, it’s a slap in the face to other readers, and no one with a true love for the written word would ever consider doing such a thing.

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