Tell Me Three Things

Julie Buxbaum

Holy cow! What an awesome story TELL ME THREE THINGS is. I finished reading it with tears in my eyes, a huge lump in my throat, and a big stupid smile on my face. My emotions were all over the place. What an amazing story that is going to stay with me for a long long time. I’ve never read Julie Buxbaum before, but she is now on my auto buy list of authors and I will read everything she writes. She blew me and my heart away with the this moving story of Jessie and how she is trying to adjust to her new life in LA.

Jessie is from Chicago. Her mom died of cancer and she misses her each and every day. It’s been two years and Jessie still counts the days since she died. Her father tells her he is going to a convention but is really off marrying a woman he met at a bereavement group. The woman is very rich and puts Jessie into an exclusive prep school. Now they are moving to LA and Jessie has to leave all of her friends and her life behind. As she begins her junior year at her new school, she receives an email from a person called Someone/No one who offers to help her get through her time at her new school. TELL ME THREE THINGS has Jessie trying to figure out who this mystery guy is and their conversations are going to have you giggling out loud.

TELL ME THREE THINGS had me flipping the pages like a mad woman. I couldn’t wait to see who Someone/No one was! I loved all the characters and could relate to the stuff Jessie had to deal with in her high school. Kids can be very cruel and she learns that first hand. But at least she has Someone/No one to help her through and she really relies on him to help her navigate her new life.

I finished TELL ME THREE THINGS in one day. I had to know who Jessie was emailing then texting. I had to know if she was going to ever be happy in LA. I love how Jessie grew stronger as I was reading her story and loved her connection with her mystery man even though she never met him, or so she thinks! So, this is Julie Buxbaum’s first young adult book, and I’m praying it won’t be her last! This funny and cute story is going to surprise you with how much you like it when you finish, so take a chance and give it a try!




  1. WOW! And the great news is that it’s already been on my Kindle for ages!!! I really need to read the books I already own LOL

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