No Final Destination

Penny Harmon

Received from the author for review

OMG!! I have a new book boyfriend! Dibs on Clark…….back off ladies, he’s all mine! Hahaha NO FINAL DESTINATION introduces you to characters in Penny Harmon’s The Moose Valley series. But you can totally read NO FINAL DESTINATION on its own! It’s no secret, how much I love Penny Harmon’s stories and this little novella did not disappoint! It is a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Even though I didn’t want it to end, I loved every minute of it.

Paige has been running for ten years. What exactly happened, we never really know. But you get hints along the way, and can understand why she is running. She stops at the Happy Endings Resort and gets a job and a place to stay. She finally relaxes a little, let’s her guard down a bit, and makes some friends. She gets a job at the local animal shelter and thinks about her dream of opening a sanctuary for abused animals. While she is working, she meets Clark. He is police officer and wants to work at the shelter as a volunteer. When he first meets Paige, she has a purple Mohawk, wild clothes, and wears tons of make up. The reason she looks the way she does, is to keep others from trying to get to know her. She’s always been alone and never lets anyone get close to her. She has put up walls all around her and they are very thick! Paige and Clark become friends, just friends and that’s just how Paige wants it.

NO FINAL DESTINATION hooked me right away and had me all up in Paige’s business. Clark is so patient with her and knows she has some secrets, but he never pushes her. He wants to help her and she is so stubborn, but also afraid. If she doesn’t care about Clark, he can’t hurt her and break her heart! Many times, I just wanted to reach out and hug her and tell her not to hold back with Clark. Yes, he is an awesome friend but he could be so much more if she would just let him in. Will Paige ever stop running and let Clark in? You are going to have to read this wonderful story to find out. Once I started reading, it was very hard to put it down. I found myself giggling out loud at the banter between Clark and Paige and kept cheering for them both.


KK~more to life~_Susan



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