Carolina Dream: A Southern Breeze Series

Regina Rudd Merrick

Received from the author for review

CAROLINA DREAM is a beautifully written story. Sarah finds herself heading to South Carolina to check in to an inheritance that came to her family out of nowhere. She is also running from an invitation to her ex boyfriends wedding. What a perfect time to get away. Her family has selected her to be the one to go down to South Carolina to see about just what was left to them by a mostly unknown relative. Sarah goes with an open mind and while she is there her life changes and it will never be the same.

CAROLINA DREAM will teach you that when you pray to God for guidance and help, you need to remember to stop and listen. When Sarah gets to South Carolina she meets Jared Benton. He was her uncles right hand man and Sarah learns, his protégé as well. Jared is very accommodating and tries to teach Sarah as much as he absolutely can about the business as well as the uncle who left it to her family. The crazy thing is Sarah had a dream about Jared as well as her uncles mansion before she even left on her trip. Was God sending her a message? She just needed to be still and listen……….

I really enjoyed CAROLINA DREAM and Regina’s writing. It’s very hard for me to believe this is her debut novel as I devoured it at a fast pace. Sarah and Jared were so afraid of their feelings, each wondering if the other felt the same way. Jared had, what he thought, was a huge secret and knew he couldn’t move forward with Sarah until he came clean with his past. Would Sarah accept him, as she grew to know the man he is today? Would they both see the redeeming grace of Jesus and know that He is smiling down on them? I just love the characters that Regina introduced us to and now I’m praying there will be more books in the future about them. CAROLINA DREAM held my interest from the very first page and never let me go. If you are a fan of Christian Fiction, you have to give CAROLINA DREAM a try. What a great way to spend the afternoon. Get on your couch with a cup of coffee, grab your favorite blanket and get lost in this heart warming story.



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