My New Venture-Mantle Rock Publishing

I’m so excited!! Yesterday I was introduced to a new to me publisher and will be reading and reviewing some of the new authors who are trying to get the word out on their books!!

I love helping new authors out and most times, I enjoy their books more than best selling authors. How about you?  What is your experience with debut authors?


Here is the info for Mantle Rock Publishing……..



Mantle Rock Publishing is passionate about helping new authors get their book published. We are a Print on Demand publisher and we publish only fiction. We specialize in Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Cozy Mysteries, and Romantic Suspense.
Mantle Rock Publishing is a small publishing company with an in house cover designer and editor. We work closely with each author from editing to marketing. The proposals we accept must be well written and preferably edited prior to submission. Contact us at and visit us at



11 thoughts on “My New Venture-Mantle Rock Publishing

  1. This is awesome, Susan! Mantle Rock Publishing has been great to work with, and as a THIS WEEK debut author, I can’t say enough about them throughout the publication process. Looking forward to hearing more from you about a company I love!

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  2. Amazing Susan! I love helping new authors too if it seems to fit in my referred genres. I’ve also beta read for some of them even if I have less time since blogging (I keep my “usuals” 🙂 Congrats!

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