If Not For You

Debbie Macomber

Received from Netgalley

IF NOT FOR YOU is the third book in Debbie Macomber’s New Beginnings series. It is the story of Beth Prudhomme who is twenty five and has been under her mother’s thumb since the day she was born. She decides to take control of her life and moves from Chicago to Portland where she will be closer to her Aunt Sunshine. Shortly after she makes the big move, her friend Nichole sets her up on a blind date with her friend, Sam. Beth comes from money and is a well educated teacher. Sam is rough around the edges, a mechanic, and has long hair and multiple tattoos. The blind date is not what either of them expected and they both bang into each other as they are trying to get out the door to escape. As they are both driving home, Sam witnesses a car t-boning Beth! Sam is horrified and jumps out of his truck to see if he can help. Does a story get any better than that all in the first chapter? Actually it wasn’t even the first chapter. It was the prologue! To say I was instantly hooked, would be the understatement of the year!

Debbie Macomber writes a story that gets you hooked right from the start and never lets you go. IF NOT FOR YOU is filled with unsuspecting love, new beginnings, second chances, forgiveness, and lots of healing. The secondary characters have just as much of a story line as Sam and Beth and I love that. Beth has a huge heart and truly cares about others but she tends to stick her nose in others people’s business and sometimes the results are heart breaking. Keep the tissues handy for this delightful romantic tale.

Debbie Macomber always writes such wonderful and well developed characters that you cant help but care about. You will find yourself cheering for Sam and Beth to overcome their pasts and to share their secrets with each other. Debbie Macomber always makes my heart feel like doing a happy dance when I’m reading her heart warming stories. I know exactly what I’m getting when I reach for one of her books and she never lets me down. When I need a pick me up after reading a disturbing story, I always go right to Debbie Macomber. She knows exactly how to make her readers feel fuzzy and warm and keeps us smiling over and over again. If you are having troubles in your life, grab IF NOT FOR YOU and you will be amazed by how it will take your mind off of everything else.





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