Finding Our Forever


Brenda Novak


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FINDING OUR FOREVER is book one in the new series, Silver Springs by Brenda Novak. It is the story of Cora who is searching for her birth mother. Not because her adoptive parents were mean to her or anything like that. She always felt loved and wanted growing up. But she has always felt something was missing, a piece of her heart maybe. When she hires a private detective to find her mother, she learns that her mother runs a school for troubled boys. Cora accepts a job at the school, never telling anyone why she is there, and prepares to be the new art teacher. She is there to learn a little about her mother and maybe to find out why she gave her up. Her job is only for a year and then she will leave, never revealing who she is. She just hadn’t planned on falling in love with her mother’s adoptive son Eli.


FINDING OUR FOREVER will have the same effect on you that all of Brenda’s stories do. Once you start reading, you will not be able to stop. Putting down FINDING OUR FOREVER is going to be very hard for you, as it was for me. Brenda Novak takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride and she never lets you go. The elephant in the room whenever Cora is anywhere near her birth mother, will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting and worrying. Will Aiyana ever learn the truth about Cora? Will Eli for that matter? You are going to be flipping the pages rapidly waiting for Cora to tell her secret, trust me.


Silver Springs is going to be an awesome series and all the characters Brenda Novak introduces you to in FINDING OUR FOREVER, hopefully will be in the future stories. Once I started reading this heart tugging story, my heart was all about Cora. I know she felt a bit jealous by the relationship that Eli had with Aiyana. Why couldn’t she have that closeness with her mom the way he did? Will anyone ever get their happy ending? My emotions were all over the place, one minute giggling, one minute crying. I have only read Brenda Novak once before this and it was just a novella, but after reading FINDING OUR FOREVER I’m going to go back and read her other series, Whiskey Creek. The next book in this series, NO ONE BUT YOU will be out in June and I just hope I can wait that long!


  1. I love Brenda Novak!!! This is on my list of TBR….I just have to find the time because I know it will be one of those books that will make me forget what I have to get done.

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