Bring Me Home: A Rocky Isle Reunion

Penny Harmon

Received from the author

BRING ME HOME is the final book in the Rocky Isle Romance series and I loved every word of it. Before I read this series, I had never heard of Penny Harmon, but once I read the first book, I was instantly hooked on this very talented and awesome author. The series, based on a group of women who are best friends, just kept getting better and better. Of course, now I am sad as the series has ended and I feel like I lost my best friend.

BRING ME HOME is Dee’s story. She grew up on the island but when she married Brad she moved to the mainland. When she feels her marriage is heading down the wrong path she packs up her kids and heads to Rocky Isle to get away. Once she is there, she realizes how much she has missed the island and her friends. Moving back is never an option as Brad works for a big firm and would never leave. How is she going to be able to return to her home and leave the island and her best friends behind once again? The island is the only place that has ever felt like home to Dee.

Penny Harmon has a way of making you feel like you are a part of this friendship circle that these women share. Through out this wonderful series, I always felt like I was sitting right there in the diner with these devoted friends, feeling exactly what they were feeling. When it seemed as if Brad was cheating, I was ready to pack my bags, get on the ferry and kick his butt!! Once I started BRING ME HOME I couldn’t put it down. Why does my family always want to be fed when I’m emotionally invested in an awesome story?

The Rocky Isle Romance series should come with a box of tissues or at least a warning to keep the tissues handy. The love these women have for their friends is truly heart warming and you can’t help but shedding some tears. Penny Harmon teaches you, while reading, that true friendship never goes away. No matter how long you and your best friends are apart. Okay Penny, I’m patiently waiting for your next series



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