The Green Mountain series by Marie Force has been my favorite series since it started. When I see a new addition, I am so excited and happy to go back and visit my old friends, The Abbotts. IT’S ONLY LOVE is Ella Abbott and Gavin Guthrie’s story, and it hooked me right from the very first page. IT’S ONLY LOVE is the fifth book in this wonderful and heartwarming series.


Ella has loved Gavin for years, and she always thought it was one sided. Gavin has been having a hard time ever since his brother Caleb died over seas while in Iraq. He can’t seem to move past the pain and start living again. He only knows that he feels alive when he is with Ella. He doesn’t feel he is good enough for Ella, and he thinks she deserves someone better. He is damaged goods in his mind and is afraid he is going to bring her down with him. Can Ella get him to see how wrong he is? Will he give himself a chance to be happy again?


It’s always great to revisit all my old friends in Green Mountain, and IT’S ONLY LOVE is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. You will get wonderful updates on all the residents and the Abbott family. It was nice to see the whole Abbott family rally around Ella and Gavin and give them the support they needed. While they want Ella to be happy, they constantly warn her to be careful. My heart really broke for the youngest Abbott sibling, Max. I hope he gets his story soon, and I’m excited to see where Marie Force takes him.


IT’S ONLY LOVE will have you laughing and crying at the same time. I was cheering for Ella and Gavin to get it all together and finally be happy. How does Marie Force keep making me fall in love with this family over and over again? It’s her perfect writing and descriptions that pull at your heart and never let you go.



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