Our Short History

Lauren Grodstein

Received from Netgalley

Karen Neulander is a political consultant and she is very successful at it. She is a single mom, with a six year old son named Jake. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer and knows her time on Earth is short. She decides to keep a journal for her son for when he is older and wants to know who his mom was. OUR SHORT HISTORY is their story.

OUR SHORT HISTORY shredded my heart over and over again. Jake becomes curious about his Dad and wants to meet him. Karen is torn by doing the right thing and protecting Jake. Karen and Jake’s father, Dave, had a short relationship but it was enough time for Karen to have her heart broken. At first, she thought Dave loved her and when she became pregnant she expected Dave to stand by her and with her. Instead he told her he wasn’t interested in being a family or a Dad and Karen walked away never telling him she had the baby. Once she contacts Dave to let him know about their son, he instantly wants to become Jake’s Dad.

I finished OUR SHORT HISTORY with a huge lump in my throat and tears streaming down my face! Lauren Grodstein broke my heart over and over again and she did it perfectly. When Karen finds out that her cancer has returned and she is no longer in remission I almost threw my Kindle across the room. I found myself so angry and I just wanted to reach out and hug Karen.

OUR SHORT HISTORY is a heart breaking story that will keep you up late into the night, reading and praying for Karen and Dave to get past their bitterness and fear to do right by Jake. I hated Dave at first and didn’t want him anywhere near Jake. I was so afraid he would break Jake’s heart just like he did Karen’s. But after a few chapters, I found myself feeling sorry for Dave. I get that Karen just wanted the best for Jake, any mother would. But Dave is his father and nothing she says can take that away from him.

OUR SHORT HISTORY is the first book I’ve read by Lauren Grodstein. Now that I’ve read this wonderful story, I’m going to go back and read her previous books and I’m excited about that. Do yourself a favor and read this beautiful and heart tugging story about a mother’s love and her journey to do right by her son whom she loves with all that she is and all she has left. Keep the tissues close by.


  1. Love your review, this one sounds great. But I just read a MAJOR tearjerker yesterday so I will have to wait awhile before reading this one!

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