What An Awesome Surprise

I am so excited!! I found an email in my inbox telling me I had won a Kindle Fire!! Wow wow wow!! I never win. Over 2200 entries and I won!! Do you ever enter author or blog giveaways?  If so what is the coolest thing you have won?

PS: My husband is already trying to claim it and I haven’t even gotten it yet!! Hahaha dork!!




20 thoughts on “What An Awesome Surprise

  1. Congrats!! I enter as much as possible- I’ve won on Goodreads, some FB giveaways, and one blog giveaway. Just books, nothing as awesome as kindle fire or giftcards!

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  2. Congratulations on your win! 🙂 I’ve won a few books in giveaways, which has always been exciting but I’ve never won a big prize. My husband had a huge win before Christmas when he won some brand new headphones worth £600 (and the timing was perfect as he was looking for new headphones but we wouldn’t have been able to afford any in that price bracket).

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