I’ll Meet You There

Heather Demetrios

I just finished I’LL MEET YOU THERE and I’m praying there will be a second book. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Sky and Josh! I love when an author leaves me wanting more and that is exactly what Heather Demetrios has done. I’ve never read this author before but she sure did get right inside my heart as well as my head and she still hasn’t left. Sky and Josh weren’t your typical YA couple either. They were poor and the way the author approaches that, was done tastefully and very real.

Sky has a college scholarship, and is anxious to get the hell out of Creek View and never look back. But over the summer, her mom loses her job and begins her mental slide back to when her husband died. Sky sees her dreams of getting out, begin to disintegrate. How can she leave her mom for college when her mom’s mental health as well as her drinking are out of control? I’LL MEET YOU THERE is going to pull at your heart, praying for Sky to find her happily ever after, but wondering if she will ever get it.

Josh Mitchell has just returned from the war and misses his Marine brothers more than anything else. He was with his best friend when he stepped on an IED and blew his leg up as well as his best friend, Nick. Now he is back in Creek View with a huge chip on his shoulder and horrible nightmares. Josh and Sky have worked together at the Paradise Motel before he left and finding him back, has Sky’s emotions and feelings all over the place. I’LL MEET YOU THERE is their story and will have your emotions on a roller coaster ride as you laugh, cry, yell, and giggle out loud.

I’LL MEET YOU THERE is a story that is going to stay with me for a long time. Once I started, I had a hard time putting it down. It was almost as if the book and the beautiful story owned me. Now my problem is, how do I let these characters go and move on to my next read? I don’t think that is going to happen today! I just want to spend more time with Sky and Josh and their cute small town of Creek View. Please do not skip the acknowledgments when you finish…….Heather will shred your heart one final time!!



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