Every Little Thing


Marie Force


Oh how I love this family!! Every time I read about the Abbott family, I want them to adopt me!! I really want to be a part of this funny and huge family! They all have each other’s backs and everyone loves everyone! EVERY LITTLE THING is the perfect way to spend the day with this beautiful family and all the antics that go on within it. EVERY LITTLE THING is the first book in the Butler, Vermont series but it really is a continuation of the Green Mountain series.


Grayson has just moved back home to Butler, Vermont and is currently living with his Mom. One evening he meets up with Lucy’s sister, Emma and her daughter Simone. Emma and Grayson wind up talking for hours and they tell each other things they have never told anyone else. The spark is instantaneous and both are shocked by it. Emma is only going to be in Butler for about a week and she spends nearly every minute with Grayson. Things are moving very fast and Emma doubts she will see Grayson again once she leaves to go back home. He tries to tell her that it can all work out if she gives them a chance.


Their biggest problem is Emma lives in New York and she has quite the support network there and Grayson just left a big city to open his law practice in small town Butler. EVERY LITTLE THING is going to have your emotions all over the place as Emma and Grayson try to figure things out. Not to mention the drama the other couple are going through as well.


Marie Force is one of my favorite go to authors. I am all up to date with this series and I am working my way through her other ones and they are all wonderful reads. Marie has a way with words that pulls you right in and never lets you go. You are instantly emotionally invested in all the characters lives and you can’t help but feeling like they are your old friends by the time you have finished. Marie’s stories always leave me with a huge smile on my face, but screaming for more. That’s how wrapped up her writing gets me.