Orbiting Jupiter

Gary D. Schmidt

Twelve year old Jack finds his family fostering a fourteen year old boy named Joseph. Joseph doesn’t talk to any of them and they aren’t really sure what is going on inside his head. The only thing they know is that he is coming to them from a juvenile detention center and he is a FATHER…….Wow. ORBITING JUPITER is going to pull on your heart strings and have you cheering for a better life for Joseph.

My stomach was in knots reading about Joseph and what he went through. He not only lost the love of his very short life, he also lost his daughter, Jupiter. While reading ORBITING JUPITER you learn of Joseph’s past and all he has endured in his fourteen years and you can’t help but feel heart broken for this kid. Gary D. Schmidt had my emotions all over the place and I loved every minute of it. So much so, that I am now going to read his previous books to see if they have the same effect on me.

ORBITING JUPITER is nothing short of awesome. You have highs and lows, hope, pain, back to hope and darkness and light again. It’s amazing how much is packed into the under two hundred pages. So much so that you will find yourself devouring this very moving and emotional story in one sitting.

I quickly fell in love Jack and Joseph. Of course, I absolutely loved Mr. and Mrs. Hurd and a few of the teachers. Yes, you need tissues at the end:-) That is the only warning I am going to give you. I loved the positive, but realistic, portrayal of foster parents (and parents in general). Joseph came from a troubled home: he won’t talk about his mom, and his dad was abusive and possessive. His experiences with other authority figures, such as teachers, has been quite mixed. Which is why you too will fall in love with Jack and his parents.



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