Her Sweetest Fortune

Stella Bagwell

Received from Netgalley

HER SWEETEST FORTUNE is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Stella Bagwell nailed my happy place with this sweet and funny story and I enjoyed it very much. Sophie Fortune Robinson is one of the youngest siblings of her family and works at her father’s software firm. She has set out to make the office hottie in Marketing notice her and fall in love with her. Thom, is the perfect man to fall in love with, in her mind. But he is a huge player and well, quite honestly, a jerk! Sophie is so smitten with him that she doesn’t see him for what he really is. Sophie is determined to make him ask her out because she doesn’t want to spend Valentines Day alone again this year. She goes to her friend in the office, Mason to get him to help her.

Mason is the office geek, but he is a true friend to Sophie and all he wants is to see her happy. He knows what a jerk Thom is and what he is really after, moving up the corporate ladder. He is afraid that if he tells Sophie the truth, he will push her right into Thom’s grubby paws. He also has a huge secret he has been keeping from Sophie. HER SWEETEST FORTUNE is going to teach Sophie a huge lesson about seeing what is right in front of her face and I truly loved the things she learned.

I’ve never read Stella Bagwell before but I really enjoyed her writing and the story she told. HER SWEETEST FORTUNE is part of a series all written by different authors. You can easily read this one as a stand alone as I did because I had no trouble following the story lines. I will go back and read the first book just to see what it is about and will continue with the series as the books become available. That’s how much I loved HER SWEETEST FORTUNE. I’m excited to read more by Ms. Bagwell as well. She pulled me right into Sophie’s trials and tribulations and never let me go until the very last page.



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