My Very First Giveaway

Can you tell how excited TJ is?

It’s her very first giveaway!! Go and say hello!

TJ Loves Books Blog

Hi all,

I hope everyone is prepared for the holiday season.  I have one more gift to buy and it just happens to be for the pickiest man on earth, the Hubster.  Before I go out and brave the maddening crowds, I wanted to share some holiday cheer with my followers.  So, here is my very first giveaway.

I’m excited!  Are you guys excited?


Okay, here’s the good part.  I’m giving away copies of two of my favorite 2016 reads.

One lucky winner will receive an e-book copy of Fling by Jana Aston.  See my Book Review: Fling by Jana Aston here.

Another lucky winner will win an e-book copy of Saint by A.Zavarelli.  See my Book Review: Saint here. *This is a dark romance, please read the blurb*

The rules: 

  1. You must follow this blog to win a prize.  New followers are welcome to participate.
  2. You must post a comment…

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4 thoughts on “My Very First Giveaway

  1. I love giveaways too. Hubby and I stopped exchanging gifts after our 3rd kid. We’ve been together for 16 years and trying to surprise and figure out what each other wants just got old.
    Instead we do an Amazon ebook gift where we look at each other’s wishlist on Amazon and gift ebooks. Limit is $30

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