Christmas At Moosehead Lake

Penny Harmon

Received from the author

CHRISTMAS AT MOOSEHEAD LAKE was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Jennifer Ryder is going to be spending this Christmas alone. Her two girls will be with their father, with whom Jennifer has recently been divorced from. Rather then sit at home all alone, she decides to head up to the family cabin on Moosehead Lake. She has always loved it there and even though it’s been years since she has been there, she is excited!

Once there she meets Matt again. He was her school girl crush once upon a time, but that was twenty years ago. Much to her surprise, the spark is still there and she wonders if Matt is even attracted to her. He never gave her the time of day romantically when they were younger. He is a few years older than her and always had a girl on his arm. She isn’t looking for a relationship now anyway so she decides to just enjoy his company. CHRISTMAS AT MOOSEHEAD LAKE has Matt spending a few days at Jennifer’s cabin as a big storm is coming and he doesn’t feel right leaving her at the cabin alone. They soon learn a lot about each other and you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with these two.

Penny Harmon has been on my author radar since I read the very first book by her. She has a way of making you become emotionally invested in all of her characters and soon you find yourself cheering them on and praying they find their happily ever after. Penny creates characters that pull you right in and never let you go, even after the last page is read. The way Penny writes, puts you right in the middle of their story, leaving you feeling like you truly know the characters and feeling exactly what they are going through. I love when an author can do that to me. If you love a romantic holiday story then you have to give CHRISTMAS AT MOOSEHEAD LAKE a go. You won’t be sorry and your heart will be warmer because of it.



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