Unequivocal Blindness

Penny Harmon


Received from the author


OMG!! I just love this series and with each book, my love for these group of friends just grows and grows. UNEQUIVOCAL BLINDNESS is Megan’s story. She is the last of the five girlfriends to find her happily ever after and I found her story to be fantastic and heart warming. She has been dating Chad for over a year but they have kept it quiet among their friends. Chad wants to let the world know but Megan is afraid that if they tell their friends it will ruin what they have. Makes sense? Not to me either but it’s perfect.

Chad gets some upsetting news right at the time they let the secret out of the bag and now he has another secret and trust me, it’s a big one! UNEQUIVOCAL BLINDNESS finds their relationship put to the test as everything changes for them in an instant! Will their love survive? Will Megan have put up with enough and walk away? Read this story to find out! No spoilers from me.
I have loved the Rocky Isle Romance series from the very first page of the very first book! The series is based around a group of friends who always have each other’s backs and dang it, I want these people to be real so they can be my friends too. Penny Harmon is very talented with her words and she will make you ride an emotional roller coaster with each and every story. Once again, as always, she leaves me screaming for more when I’m finished with each book and UNEQUIVOCAL BLINDNESS did exactly that!

UNEQUIVOCAL BLINDNESS has only been out for two days and that makes me sad because now I have to wait for the next one! Penny Harmon has quickly become a favorite author of mine and her stories bring me heart warming joy each and every time. Once I start one, I can’t stop and then when I get near the end, I slow down so that it will last longer. Crazy right but if you are a book addict like me, you totally understand!


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