Full Tilt

Emma Scott

Received from Netgalley

I have never read Emma Scott before but after reading FULL TILT I am going to make sure she is on my author radar!

FULL TILT is the story of Kacey Dawson and Jonah Fletcher. Jonah is a limo driver who just happens to pick up Kacey who is the guitarist for an up and coming band called Rapid Confession. To say that Kacey is one hot mess would be an understatement. She drinks too much, parties too hard, and goes home with different guys almost every night. All of this changes when she meets Jonah. He feels bad for her and sort of protective, so he takes her to his home to let her sleep off her latest drunken binge.

Jonah is also an industrial artist and it busy working on his glass installation and he is on a very strict schedule to get it finished in time. He has one goal in mind, to make it his legacy and nothing will get in his way. Then he meets Kacey and everything he thought was important is suddenly not such a big deal anymore. All he wants to do is spend time with Kacey, but he pushes on with his installation while he falls for Kacey hard! You are going to fall in love with Jonah right away. He is very protective of Kacey and you are going to swoon over him on almost every page. He would love her forever if he had the chance to.

FULL TILT broke my heart over and over again. What an emotional story this is! When I was finished reading I couldn’t get Jonah and Kacey out of my head and went through half a box of tissues thinking about them! I can honestly tell you this, I am going to read everything that Emma Scott has written and she will be an auto buy for me from now on. FULL TILT had my emotions all over the place and near the end, I was afraid to keep reading. I knew what was coming, knew it was going to shatter my heart and took a four hour break to prepare myself for what was going to wreck me!



  1. Thank you Deanna! I’m preparing my heart for the All In and I’m going to start it in a few!! You and your blog are the reason I read this so thank you so much for turning me on to this wonderful author!!


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