Java Frost

Courtney Hunt


Holy cow! JAVA FROST is the perfect way to start a series. I just adored this story and can’t wait to continue with the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series. Three heirs to their grandmothers estate have just learned that they will be spending a year running her coffee shop. They are shocked and assume they will never be able to compete when there are Starbucks on every other corner. Patrick, Zooey, and Joe’s story is laugh out loud funny but the real story is about Amy and Ben.
Ben has a daughter Livvy and Amy is Livvy’s teacher. Ben is an uptight doctor who pays Amy to teach him how to play. He never had much of a childhood and can’t seem to connect with his three year old. Livvy loves her teacher and Amy is trying to save up some money to go to England in the summer. So of course she accepts the job and the challenge. JAVA FROST is such a sweet quick story but trust me, there is plenty of heat involved! I’m so excited to continue this series. All of the stories seem quick as well and exactly what I need to help balance out this crazy time of year.
I have never read Courtney Hunt before but after reading JAVA FROST I am going to make sure she is on my author radar! I hope Ben and Amy make another appearance as I continue this wonderful series.