J Kahele

Received From the Author

I’m going to say this right from the start……PIERSON blew me away! I read this story in one sitting, putting my life on hold while I devoured this heart tugging story! I’ve always loved Janelle’s stories, but this one broke my heart! PIERSON is the best book by her so far and if you’ve read my past reviews of her books you know how much I loved them.

Susan Coyle ran away from Arizona and her past life there. Her mother is a drunk, her father left them when they needed him the most and Susan had to step up and take care of her little sister. She is about to be promoted to a great job of Marketing CEO. The only thing holding her up is that she is unattached. No boyfriend or fiancé and that is one of the requirements for her getting this position. She comes up with a plan and her friend Lilly sets her up with a guy she knows to pretend to be Susan’s fiancé. When she gets to the meeting place she thinks the man she is talking to is her fake fiancé but it isn’t. It’s Pierson Meager! Her life is going to change from this moment on, but she just doesn’t know it yet!

As it turns out, PIERSON knows her boss very well and the meeting is quite uncomfortable for Susan. Pierson never gives her secret away, but he uses it for his own benefit too. His mother has been harping on him to settle down and he creates a fake girlfriend. He brings Susan home to meet his family and they love her and she loves them instantly. Over time secrets come to light and your heart is going to break with each of them.

PIERSON broke my heart over and over again. I was holding my breath with every page as I fell in love with all the beautiful characters, not just Pierson and Susan but all the secondary characters as well. PIERSON is filled with forgiveness, sexual tension, lots of tender moments, and many pages that will have you holding your breath waiting for the other shoe to fall. My emotions were on a roller coaster ride with each and every chapter and I can not wait to continue this wonderful series. Janelle Kahele, you have done it again! You broke my heart, ripped it out, stomped all over it, and then gave it back to me! Well done!!



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