A Thankful Heart

Melissa McClone

Received from Netgalley.

A THANKFUL HEART by Melissa McClone is the second book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series. Dakota Parker has just come out of a bad relationship and fills the hole in her heart with chocolate and animals. She works at the chocolate shop and also at the Whiskers and Paws rescue center. All she wants to do is find forever homes for all the animals in the rescue center. That is how she met Bryce Grayson. His dad, Walt, volunteers at the center, well, before he broke both of his legs. At first, Bryce thinks Dakota is only Walt’s friend so she can have a free handy man at the center. He couldn’t be more wrong!

Bryce lives in Seattle and his dad lives in Marietta Montana. Bryce is there to help his Dad but also to convince him to move to Seattle. Walt isn’t buying any of it. He made a life for himself in Marietta and he is not going anywhere. A THANKFUL HEART is going to teach Bryce what he has and could have if he just opened his heart and stopped being so selfish. Bryce doesn’t want to hear it and gives himself one month to change his father’s mind.

Things keep happening that throw Bryce and Dakota together, but both hold back on their feelings because Bryce is going to be heading back to Seattle at the end of the month. A THANKFUL HEART is a wonderful addition to the Chocolate Shop series where ten different authors will be writing about love and chocolate. The animals in this story are going to steal your heart. I found myself cheering for Dakota and hoping she would be able to trust someone with her heart again. At the same time, I was wishing that Bryce could let go of his guilt and leave it in the past. I really enjoyed reading this sweet tale and found all of the characters very relatable as well as their situations that they found themselves in. I’m excited to continue this series.



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