Devorah Fox

Wow! DETOUR by Devorah Fox had me flipping the pages like a mad woman last night. I had to know what was going to happen with Debbie and Archie. I loved Archie right away and was caught up in the mystery he found himself in the middle of.

Debbie and Archie are visiting her Jewish family in New York. Archie is a long haul trucker and finds a way to be there for Debbie. Her sister has just had a baby and to say her parents house is total chaos is such an understatement. Her family will have you laughing out loud as you read all of their antics. All of the characters are very relatable and I’m sure you will be reminded of people you know as you read DETOUR.

DETOUR taught me many new things abut Jewish traditions as well and that is always an added bonus for me. While visiting the small town in the Hudson Valley Archie stumbles upon a plot to take out the President of the United States. The situations that Archie found himself in really hooked me right away and I found that I couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t imagine how Devorah Fox was going to wrap this story up. Even though some of the things that were happening were very serious, I still found myself giggling and smiling throughout most of the book.

I’m excited to read more by Devorah Fox.



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    Check out Susan’s review of “Detour,” and her thoughts on other books. It’s evident that Susan loves to read. Have you taken this “Detour” yet? Hurry, while the Kindle edition is still on sale for 99¢


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